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Generally Air conditioner repairs are costly, so it’s better to schedule regular maintenance with experienced AC technicians to enjoy the Best AC Repair and Service in Bangalore.

It is good to know about the common air conditioning problems so that you can take necessary measures to avoid huge repairing charges.

Some of the common problems with your Air Conditioner are as follows:

  1. Air Conditioner is not Turning On

You need to check the thermostat batteries if your AC is not turning on. Maybe the battery needs to be replaced if they are dead. If the batteries are well, check the thermostat settings with your desired temperature settings. If your thermostat is on, but your AC is still not turning on, check the circuit breaker. If you find the circuit breaker is tripped, then your AC won’t turn on. 

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2. Air Conditioner is not Blowing Air

If a dirty air filter has blocked the airflow of your AC it will not blow cold air. A dirty air filter freezes up the condenser unit and limits its cooling power. 

To fix this problem you have to change your air filter every month. It will help your AC blow cold air.

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3. Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside  

Your air conditioner could freeze up due to:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Outside Low temperature
  • Low coolant levels
  • Blower motor problems
  • Stuck contractor

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4. AC Refrigerant Leak

If the coolant in your air conditioner is leaking, it will affect the temperature. And the AC wouldn’t  perform accurately. Refrigerant leaks will lead to:

  • Low efficiency
  • High power consumption
  • Coil freezing
  • Damaged compressor
  • Uneven cooling

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5. Ac Making Noises 

It depends upon the type of problem an ac will make that type of sound. 

There are many reasons why your air conditioner is producing different type of sounds:

  • If you hear clicking sounds after turning    on and off your AC, there may be relay problem.
  • Thumping or rattling sound means there is problem with the blower.
  • If there is fault in electrical components it will produce a buzzing sound.

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6. Frozen Evaporator Coil

When your ac does not receive sufficient air, it will freeze. It will make your A.C stop working. Dirty filters, or a faulty fan causes insufficient airflow in the system. 

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7. Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

It is considered normal if water is leaking outside from your AC on a hot or humid day.  

Other reasons for your ac to leak water outside, include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Low coolant levels
  • Broken condensate pan

8. Drainage Problem 

The drainage pipeline could become clogged with dust, algae or dirt. If water is not draining properly, mold, fungus, and mildew can develop. Also a bad odor can fill into your home. 

Make sure your drainage line is regularly maintained, cleaned, and inspected. For this you need to hire a professional AC technicians ac servicing charges in Bangalore.

9. Sensor Problem 

An ac contains a thermostat sensor which is located near the evaporator coil. The thermostat measures the air temperature in the evaporating coil and adjusts the cooling based on the condition of the room. The sensor must be placed near the evaporator and make sure they are not touching each other. The sensor needs to be adjusted by bending the wire that holds it in position.

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The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

1. Fuse Replacement.

2. Replacement of Air Filters.

3. Replacement of the Thermostat. 

4. Repairing the Defrost Control. 

5. Empty The Condensation Drain.

6. Replacement of the Condenser Fan.

7. Replace or Fix the Compressor. 

8. Cleaning the Coils. 

9. Replacement of Capacitors. 

10. Replenish Refrigerant. 

Advantages of Using Air Conditioner

1. It Prevents from heat exhaustion – The most convenient feature of the ac is that you can set the temperature as much you need. 

2. It Protects your house from insects – In summer season many people face problems like insects and lizards try to find a cool place in your house. Using the ac you don’t have to open your windows by which these insects enter your house.

3. Improves efficiency – It is always advised in office to use optimum temperatures as it improves the quality of work.

4. Prevents people from getting angry – During summer season the blood pressure and heart rates increase slightly which makes people angrier. So in a workplace the ac should always be used.

5. Helps to get a good sleep – 

If there is a perfect temperature in the house. This will make you sleep quite comfortably.

6. Cools down electrical home appliances – Most houses face problems like electric short circuits due to extreme heat. If you use ac in your house it will help you to get rid of these problems.

7. It keeps you refreshed – If you live in a better condition, you will always feel energized and refreshed.

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