Electrician Service In Bangalore

Electrician Service In Bangalore

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Electrician Service In Bangalore

Electrician Service In Bangalore

What do Electricians do?

Generally, an Electrician is responsible for inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems. Usually, electricians work at homes, businesses, and construction sites, and also as contractors.

What functions do our provided leads perform?

Electricians provided by Prism Lead India do the things mentioned below:

  • They perform all this work by inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems in such a manner that meets and follows electrical codes, blueprints, and electrical standards.
  • Electricians test electrical systems and their components to ensure that they are functioning well.
  • They ensure an adequate supply of Electricals and other parts.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on electrical systems and components.
  • Our leads troubleshoot problems and deliver their services on time.

What are the typical qualifications for Electrician jobs?

  • An electrician must have the ability to lift, carry, push, and pull up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to bend, climb, squat, reach, and kneel.
  • They must be comfortable with reading and understanding electrical blueprints, schematics, and diagrams.
  • They should have a working knowledge of electrical theory, and the associated principles, materials, and equipment.
  • Ability to operate every tool associated with electrical work.
  • How to calculate basic mathematical problems.

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Electrician Service In Bangalore


While working with wiring, you have to be sure to turn off the circuit at the main breaker panel. We have a number of expert electricians and electrical contractors in Bangalore.

Common Electrical Problems

1. Overlamping- Overlamping means a fixture has a light bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for.

Its danger level is high. The intense heat inside the bulb can melt the socket and insulation. The damage to the socket and wires remains even after the bulb has been removed.

2. Uncovered Junction Boxes– It means as junction boxes have splices where wires are interconnected, anyone could inadvertently damage the wires or get an electrical shock. This problem occurs because of a code violation. You should buy a new cover and install it properly.

3. Very Few Outlets- If there are very few outlets it means a heavy dependence on extension.

Solution: Increase the number of outlets. You must be aware of electrician charges in Bangalore. Don’t Worry! There will likely be a minimum charge as it requires making holes in walls and ceilings to snake the wires. Our provided electricians in Bangalore will patch the holes. 

4. Lack of GFCIs

GFCI means Ground-fault circuit interrupters. It shuts down circuits in 4 milliseconds before a current causes a deadly shock.

Its Danger level is very high.

The Electrical contractors in Bangalore provided by Prism Lead India will Replace old receptacles with GFCIs. They will charge you a very less amount. 

5. Overwired Panel- It means the panel contains circuits more than it’s rated to handle. One circuit is replaced with two circuits in one slot. A label on each panel specifies the number of circuits a panel can accommodate. 

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6. Backstabbed Wires- On newer switches and receptacles, wires pushed in the back become loose then wires anchored around screw terminals.

At a minimum level of danger, loose wires can stop working. In the worst case, wires can catch fire.

An electrician near me in Bangalore should check for backstabbed connections by removing a switch or receptacle from its outlet box. The wires should be released and attached to the appropriate screw terminals. 

Is old Electrical Wiring safe?

The old copper wiring in many vintage houses works just as well as the new stuff, as long as its condition is good and not altered in a way that it violates the code. So it is safe even if there is old wiring and not violating code. 

Still, if you are thinking about fresh wiring at Home connect to Prism Lead India. We will provide you with the electrician near me at home service.

Phases of Electrical Wiring

There are two main phases of Electrical Wiring: wet and dry. The wet phase indicates the initial phase when the house is not protected from moisture caused by rain.

The dry phase indicates the phase when most of the electrical work is carried out as the interior is safe from rain.

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How is the electrical work carried out in the construction of a house?

Step 1 – Temporary Electric and Underground Conduit

Since there is no electricity connection at the construction site. There is a lot of machinery which operates on electricity so a temporary electric pole is installed at this stage.

A generator could also be used instead of a temporary electric pole. This step takes place during the wet phase, and can normally be completed in a few hours.

Step 2 – The Rough-in

At this stage exhaust fans and lights are fixed, also the roofing is installed during this stage. 

Step 3 – More Temporary Needs

At this point, temperature control systems are installed in addition to a few lights and switches. These are expected to be damaged by sheetrock mud and paint, so they are only installed temporarily. This stage can normally be completed in one day.

Step 4 – The Finish

This is the final stage. At this point, all switchboards, fans, lights, and other electrical items are installed. Technically this is the last stage since all electrical appliances are affixed and ready to use. This process takes a few days for small houses and between a few weeks and a few months for larger homes and apartments.

Step 5 – Modifications and Warrant

At this stage, everything is checked to see whether the wiring has been done properly or not. So, if a fan or a light doesn’t work, it could be fixed even after the owner moves in.

During the warranty period, a consumer may ask for a few additions or alterations in the electric wiring, like the installation of a new circuit.

For all of the five stages, it’s best to work under the supervision of a licensed professional. Prism Lead India recommends you the Best Professional Electrical Wiring Contractors in Bangalore.

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It is dangerous for homeowners to work with inexperienced, unlicensed electricians or electrical contractors in Bangalore.

Electrical wiring mistakes to avoid

Following  are a few common mistakes we should avoid:

  • Do not connect wires outside of electrical junction boxes. If needed, add one and connect the wires inside it.
  • Remember to not cut your wires too short. If you do, add six-inch extensions.
  • Never leave sheathing unprotected between frames.
  • Loose switches and loosely connected outlets must be avoided.
  • Without a ground wire, a three-slot receptacle should not be installed. 
  • A cable with a clamp must be secured so that the wire insulation doesn’t cut or fray.

Common household electrical problems:

The top 3 dangers of faulty electrical wiring.

  • Faulty electrical wiring can cause Fire- When electrical wires are loose, cracked, or overheated, they are not able to conduct electricity properly. This often leads to a fire breaking out. The most dangerous thing about having faulty electrical wiring is that a fire can break out at any time.
  • Faulty electrical wiring can cause a Short circuit- A short circuit occurs when there is too much current flowing through the electrical wiring and causes the electricity to stop working altogether. This could cause blackouts and fires both.

At Prism Lead India, we offer you leads who are specialized in residential and commercial electrical installation. Our priority is high-quality services. Not only do we get the job done, but we do so safely, effectively, and efficiently.

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