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Home Nursing Care in Bangalore

  • Services for home nursing within Bangalore in simple words refers to skilled nursing treatment offered to an individual at home to assist patients recover and restore optimal health.
  • It may involve both Non medical and medically skilled care. Nursing care at home can be full-time, shift nursing, or hourly nursing and is provided by registered nurses or a health care aide at home dependent on the kind of care required.
  • Home nursing care could include home care services such as elderly care, dental, medical and nursing care such as the dressing of wounds and ostomy treatment, intravenous therapy, ventilator care, giving medication, assessing the general wellbeing for the person, pain control, and other health care services.

What Is Home Nursing Care In Bangalore?

  • Nursing care is an essential component of the health care industry which focuses on the treatment of patients or people who require special medical attention, so that they can recover and attain and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.
  • PLI Nursing services within Bangalore specifically is a success in attempting to provide the highest quality of nonmedical and medical nursing care that you require from the convenience of your home.

Our Range Of Services

The number of home care services offered by homes in Bangalore is unlimited, based on the condition of the patient and the level of care required. The nursing services can be anything from non-medical treatment to medically specialized services. A few of the nursing services that can be availed through the PLI Bangalore home nursing include;

Nurse for Vaccination:

  • Immunization is among the most fundamental procedures that is able to perform at home thanks to PLI’s amazing nursing home services in Bangalore which means you do not have to drive to the hospital to see a doctor. PLI provides highly secure vaccine services for Bangalore that include all vaccinations necessary for your baby’s development and growth in addition to other vaccines protecting against diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid and the H1N1 virus and many more.

Nursing Care for Anal Cancer :

  • Anal cancer is uncommon in its form of cancer. Treatment can be very difficult when it comes to simultaneous radiation and chemotherapy. The nursing care provided in this kind of cancer isn’t limited to helping patients combat the effects of chemotherapy and treating burns to the skin from radiation as well as care of bowel and bladder control, intolerance to diet and nutrition, as well as treatment for pain as well as pelvic floor therapy. PLI is well-trained and skilled oncology nurses are proficient in providing the specialized services required by anal cancer patient.

Nursing Care for Metastatic Cancer :

  • The treatment for metastatic cancer may be extremely long and tiring and that is why the need for an skilled home oncology nurse can be felt. PLI assists you in finding the best nursing home in Bangalore who is able to not only examine the patient’s condition that are a result of treatments side effects and also evaluate them prior as well as post-chemotherapy as well as use your interpersonal talents to be able to listen and assist the patient in their emotional condition.

Nursing Care for Cervical Cancer :

  • Cervical caner is treatable in very early stages. Many people are hesitant about having their cervical caner examined due to various reasons – time, embarrassment or fear or other reasons. PLI home nurses in Bangalore take a leading role in screening and starting the treatment process in a timely manner. Our home nurses assist in providing precise information, aiding in make informed choices and provide affordable home nursing services Bangalore.

Nurse for ECG:

  • ECG is among the most frequently used technologies in acute care. Today, you can easily have an ECG done from the convenience at home. PLI home nurses in Bangalore are skilled in understanding and identifying potentially fatal heart rhythms and providing treatment to patients receiving this type of monitoring.

Nurse for Infusion:

With the the most effective home nursing service in Bangalore thanks to the PLI, you aren’t required to get out from your home to undergo such easy procedures. Our nurses at home in Bangalore are highly trained and are able to help you with any type of infusions, including IV Push or IV piggyback, as well as blood transfusions, which can be done at your home in the most relaxing and painless way.

Injury care:

  • One of the most effective options of nursing at home could be enjoyed by taking care of injuries. Let our caring nurses to offer you the finest assistance to finish your everyday tasks.

Injections and IV Infusion:

  • The days are gone of waiting in waiting rooms in hospitals for our injections. Simply give us a call and get them administered at home, under expert supervision.

Urinary Catheterisation Care:

  • The most intimate treatment can be easily provided at home. Every kind of catheter requirement are dealt with by our nurses whether it’s insertion, washing or removal.

Oxygen Administration:

  • The requirement for oxygen administration is typical in situations like shock, pulmonary illness, trauma, among others. PLI nursing home is the source of oxygen administration that is high-quality.

Post-surgical Care:

  • Post-surgery care is a crucial aspect of healing. We endeavor to offer the best care during this period. Our nurses are on call 24/7 and your regular visits to doctors are scheduled in accordance with the timetable.

Assisting an aging loved ones:

  • Home nursing services assist your family member to manage everyday activities and personal needs like cooking, bathing or other chores around the house.
  • Alongside the mentioned nursing care options, there are many more special nursing and home medical services available in PLI Bangalore. Check out our website or phone our representatives to learn more about the services.

Why Choose PLI Home Nursing Services?

PLI is the most trustworthy and high-quality home healthcare service in the country with a staff of doctors nurses, physiotherapists, and home healthcare assistants to provide you with the top medical treatment for a reasonable price from the convenience of your own home.

Benefits Of Home Nursing Care In Bangalore

There are many obvious advantages for seeking out home nursing services in Bangalore. Some of these are as follows:

  • Cost reduction:With at home nursing care , you’ll save on the cost of hospitalization and travel which makes home nursing in Bangalore cost efficient and affordable.
  • Improves health conditions: Many studies and research have proven that patients heal more quickly and have faster recovery time at home, rather than in the hospital.
  • Reduces hospital stays: With the availability of high-quality nursing care at home, you are now able to quickly be discharged from an institution and continue your healing and treatment at home , surrounded by your family members.

What To Expect From Nursing Care Services At Home In Bangalore?

  • Home nursing services begin upon the recommendation from a doctor as well as some of the essential medical treatment one can receive from a home nurse in Bangalore;
  • The diet of the patient and monitoring of nutrition
  • Regular check-ups according to the prescription of your doctor. Monitoring of blood pressure, temperature , and the reading of heart rates.
  • Assuring the safety of the patient at home
  • Inform the patient about self-care
  • Constantly updating and co-ordinating with your doctor to ensure the best medical treatment.

Preparing For Home Nursing Services In Bangalore

There are a few things you could consider prior to seeking home nursing services to ensure that you get the most benefit of your home-based healthcare services include:

  • Create a personal emergency checklist
  • Get your prescriptions and reports are ready
  • The contact information of your doctor
  • It is important to list the tasks expected of the nurse

Home Nursing Services Near Me

  • If you’ve been searching for a ‘home nurse near me search results on Google to find a reliable and high-quality nursing services in Bangalore and beyond, then look at no other.
  • PLI Home nursing care is the solution you’ve been searching for. Its mission is to offer the highest quality health services available at home, PLI provides the top nurses, doctors and other medical experts to aid you in recovering and healing in a comfortable and relaxed environment at home.
  • If you or a loved one requires medical attention, simply contact PLI an e-mail and our highly skilled medical professional or nurse (as necessary) will be there to assess your condition in Bangalore.
  • You can also make an appointment on our website. All you have to complete is enter the necessary details, and our agent will contact you.

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