Microwave Repair and Service in Bangalore.

Microwave Repair and Service in Bangalore.

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Types of Services Microwave Repair

Nowadays in so many households, the microwave is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. A Microwave helps us instantly prepare a delicious breakfast. Surprisingly, microwaves are complex. There are so many ways that a microwave could go wrong. In fact, the list of most common microwave problems is surprisingly long. We need the help of an experienced technician to get it repaired. 

Let’s have a look at the possible causes of microwave problems. 

Prism Lead India recommends The Best Microwave Repair and Service in Bangalore.

1. Plate Won’t Move around 

  • The moving microwave plate is essential to cook the food properly. If your plate doesn’t spin, the issue is with the entire spinning assembly. 
  • First of all, you need to check the plate. Then look at the wide guide rollers underneath the plate. Then check if the prong coupler is cracked. At last, inspect the drive motor for current and coupling.  
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2. Microwave Won’t Turn On

  • Indeed your microwave is completely useless if it doesn’t turn on. Check the wall plug to ensure the microwave is plugged in nicely. Now check the door switch. It won’t start if the door is open. Next, check the two fuses.
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3. Microwave Door Not Closing Properly

  • As appliances get older, it’s common for the door to stop hanging or closing properly over time. This happens because the springs become loose from their original tightened state. 
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4. Microwave Door Stuck Closed

  • Microwave doors could become stuck. If your microwave door is stuck closed, don’t worry. There is usually at least a manual override so that the microwave door can be opened.
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5. Microwave Doesn’t Shut Off

  • Another problem you may face is that your microwave doesn’t switch off when the timer runs out. This is a common alarming situation and can overcook your food. You may need to unplug the unit to stop it from cooking. 
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6. Microwave is Not Heating

  • When a microwave gets old, it’s more likely that it will create problems. When the microwave is put on and it doesn’t heat. The first place you should look is the door switch. If you find that it’s the magnetron, you can replace your microwave. 
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7. Microwave is Making Noise

  • There are several things that cause your microwave to make noise. The easiest thing to diagnose and fix is a noisy microwave plate. If the plate is rattling, the coupler and guide roller needs to be investigated. If there is a drive motor or magnetron, it may be challenging to replace. It might also be the high-voltage diode. 

8. Touchpad May Not Respond

The most frustrating thing is when the microwave’s touchpad stops responding. It should at least make a beep sound when the buttons are pushed. If the touchpad seems to be dead. First, the membrane switch is to be checked which determines the responsiveness of each button. 

9. Exhaust Fan Not Working

  • There may be an exhaust fan that helps the air clear.  First of all the air filters need an investigation. Take all the moving pieces out, clean them, and put them back. And if a broken part in the exhaust fan assembly is found, it needs to be replaced.

10. Microwave Light is Out

  • When the microwave light is on it will let you know when it’s on and will help you to track the food that you’re cooking. When the microwave light goes out, The first thing to be done is that the bulb can be replaced depending upon the model of the microwave. 
Microwave Repair and Service in Bangalore.

Advantages of Microwave Oven 

The primary selling points of Microwaves are their ease of use and convenience. There are numerous other benefits of using a microwave. Below are some other benefits that you may have realized if you own a microwave.

1. Quick heating

  • The main advantage of using a microwave oven is that it is very quick and easy to heat food. When a microwave heats food, a magnetron creates radio waves, which deliver heat energy into the molecules of food. 
  • The radio waves flow through the food equally as the utensil spins around on the plate. Microwave ovens are environment-friendly and do not emit harmful gases into the air. 

2. Precise Cooking Programs

  • The cooking programs in most microwaves allow you to choose what you wish to cook. These days, new microwaves come with a number of preloaded recipes with set timers.
  • All you have to do is set the timer and walk away. You’ve saved your time and have escaped from some extra washing. You don’t have to stand there and watch the soup while cooking.

3. Easy To Clean

  • One of the most significant advantages of a microwave oven is that cleaning utensils is relatively simple.
  • In a microwave, food items heat up or cook quickly. As you don’t want a buildup of food inside your microwave every time you use it. Since the material of the oven is made of glass and is very smooth, cleaning is very simple. If you find anything spilled all you need is a towel to clean it up.

4. To Defrost Food

  • Another advantage is that a microwave can be used to defrost frozen and packaged foods. It cooks frozen foods in a very short time while preserving the flavor.
  • You have to put the food in the microwave to defrost using the defrost option. You can quickly prepare the defrosted item without waiting for it to defrost for hours.

5. Safe For Children 

  • Using a microwave oven is a safer option if you have small children. 
  • Cooking in a Microwave oven is safe for children as it does not produce high temperatures that can cause burns. 

6. Variable Heat Settings

  • Nowadays, microwave comes with many timer settings. It offers various heat settings, so that you can choose the cooking time for your food and how high you want the power to be.
  • With such type of microwave ovens, all you need to do is set the timer and do your other kinds of stuff. Your food will be cooked on its own.  

7. Low Energy Consumption

  • A benefit of microwave cooking is also that it saves your money because of the low power bills. Microwave ovens use less energy. One can adjust the microwave oven to turn the switch on and switch it off automatically. The oven turns off automatically when the cooking time and temperature reach the set target.

8. No Change In Taste And Nutrition

  • Food cooked in a microwave oven has more nutrition than food cooked on any other regular stove. As it cooks quickly, the food does not burn and preserves all its flavors and nutrients. We get food with the same taste and nutrition after cooking in a Microwave oven.

Like all other appliances Microwave also has some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at its disadvantages.

1. Dry Food

Food gets overcooked in a microwave and results in drying out due to the high heat. Microwaves reduce the water content of the food which results in dry food. 

2. Not Versatile

One of the disadvantages of microwave ovens is that it is unable to bake, roast, or fry foods. It is impossible to make Chapatis and rotis in a Microwave Oven. 

3. Needs Special Containers

While using a microwave, you must be careful about the containers you use. It is safe to use microwave bowls developed for this purpose. It would be dangerous to use the wrong materials in a microwave. Cookware used in microwaves is typically composed of glass, ceramic, or specific types of plastic.

5. Chances Of Food Poisoning

Microwave ovens can cause food poisoning sometimes. The presence of hot spots and cold spots in food occurs due to the standing waves pattern in the microwave oven.


Microwave ovens are used in over 75% of homes, and most commercial kitchens utilize them for speedier heating and cooking. 

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