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Plumbing Service


Plumbing Service

After a long term of providing our services in various Cities, our company  Prism Lead India is also present in Bangalore Now. Prism Lead India gives you the Best Leads for  Domestic Service providers in Bangalore. We have arrived at a position where we have become one of the Leading Companies who offer you with the Best Leads in Repairing and Maintenance service providers in your City.


What Do Plumber in Bangalore Do?

Plumbing includes  installing and repairing pipes and fixtures that carry water, gas and other fluids in houses and other commercial buildings. Plumbers maintain plumbing fixtures like bathtubs and toilets and appliances such as dishwashers or heating systems.

The Most Common Plumbing Problems

    • Clogged drains and toilets.

    • Leaky faucets and pipes. 

    • Water heating Geyser issues. 

    • Low water pressure.

    • Running toilets.

    All of the above are the most common plumbing problems. Each of these issues require a different solution.

    Prism Lead India recommends you the Best plumbing services in Bangalore. We also offer you leads for the best Computer repair service at Home in Bangalore.

    As our home ages, it’s quite natural to have some plumbing problems. Some of them are easy to fix but some issues come with potential dangers and it is better to connect to the professionals.

    We provide you a number of plumbing contractors in Bangalore. Among them you can choose the Best plumber mistri near me.

    You can also select the Best Car Mechanic near you immediately.

    Being aware of the common plumbing problems helps us know when to call the plumber service near me.

    Clogged Drains and Toilets

    You can spot the clogged drains very easily. As you see water backing up when you empty a sink or take a shower. When a toilet is clogged, instead of flushing, the water backs up in the toilet bowl and even overflows. It’s the time for a visit from a plumber. 

    We will provide you with a large number of Plumbers at home near me immediately. 

    What Causes the Problem

    Problems of slow or clogged drains occur when there is something blocking the drain partially or completely. In sinks and showers, hair is often the main culprit, but other items, such as a shampoo lid or small things, may enter the drain and block the pipe. In toilets, when something enters the toilet that does not dissolve and gets flushed. These items don’t move through the pipe, so they stay there stucked. They make it difficult or impossible for water to flow through the pipes.

    For resolving the issues Prism Lead India is one of the Best companies who recommend the Best plumber customer care services in Bangalore.

    How to prevent Drains and Toilets from clogging?


        • When we flush only dissolvable waste products down the toilet we can prevent drains and toilets from clogging.

        • Watch your kids closely so that they don’t flush anything that causes clogging.

        • If anything falls into the toilet, take it out immediately, never try to flush it. 

        • While taking showers, use a hair catcher over the drain so that the loose strands don’t get inside the drain pipe. Always try to keep loose strands of hair out of sinks to prevent clogging.

      When to Call a Plumber?


          • For plumbing service in Bangalore, let a professional handle clogged drains or a clogged toilet.  If you are not able to easily remove the blockage yourself. 

          • As you get repeated clogs in the same drain just connect to Prism Lead India. We will offer you the Best plumber service center in Bangalore. 

          • Using caustic drain cleaners can cause damage to the pipes over time if it is used regularly. Only a plumber will be able to fix the problem to prevent future clogs without damage to the pipe. Connect to plumbing contractors in Bangalore immediately with us.

        Leaky Faucets and Pipes 


            • Fixing the leaks in Faucets and pipes could save up to 15 percent on your water bill. 

            • A faucet leaking one drip per second adds up to over 3,000 gallons every year that is equivalent to 180 showers.

            • Plumbing leaks can account for over 1 trillion gallons of water across the country. 

            • It is easy to spot the leaking faucet. As the water drips out of the faucet anyone can usually hear the drips even if he is not in the room.

            • Leaking pipes could cause major damage if we don’t fix the problem immediately. 

            • We usually spot leaking pipes after a period of time when we see a puddle below the pipes.

            • We also recommend you the Best solutions for your Geyser Repair and Services in Bangalore.

          Cheap and Best Plumber in Bangalore | 24x7 at Doorstep

          What Causes the Problem: 

          Typically a dripping faucet appears when the washer that causes the seal on the tap gets damaged. The damage may include tearing, dislodging or stiffening. When this type of damage occurs, the washer is no longer able to seal tightly. It allows small amounts of water to drip from the faucet. 

          How to Avoid Leaky Faucets and Pipes: 

          Natural wear and tear from regular use is normally difficult to avoid. Over time, leaking faucets are normal to happen. Slow that wear by turning faucets on and off slowly and avoiding excessive pressure on the handles. Leaky pipes are difficult to prevent, but you can spot the problem early with regular inspection. Look for moisture or small drips. Visible rusting or white lime deposits can signal the potential for leaking.

          When to Call a Plumber? 

          Call a plumber to replace the washer if you don’t have experience with plumbing. For leaking pipes, call a professional when the job is too large or if you don’t want to mess with the clean-up.

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