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LED| LCD TV Repair in Bangalore

After a long term of providing our services in various Cities, our company  Prism Lead India is also present in Bangalore Now. Prism Lead India gives you the Best Leads for  Domestic Service providers in Bangalore. We have arrived at a position where we have become one of the Leading Companies who offer you with the Best Leads in Repairing and Maintenance service providers in your City.

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People may be able to save their time and money by avoiding taking your TV to the repair shops or service center.

The most common problems you may encounter with your LED| LCD TV Repair in Bangalore

1. No picture on the TV screen

You may encounter an LED TV that will go blank, and nothing shows on the display screen.

A quick reboot would not fix the thing.

There are chances that the power supply of your LED TV has damaged its component.

It usually happens during power surges. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to use a surge protector with your LED TV.

Now, if the damage is done, it’s best to hire a qualified technician to look at your TV. 

Prism Lead India is one of the Best companies who recommends the Best LCD TV repairing service in Bangalore. 

A quick replacement of the capacitor would make your TV restore and bring into top shape.

We have the Best team of technicians for your LCD|LED TV Repair Services in Bangalore.


2. LED TV has no sound

Another common issue with many LED TVs is sound problems.

The TV does not produce any sound even if the TV is not on mute mode.

There are other ways to diagnose this.

If the sound comes on other streaming platforms, the codecs might not recognize the audio language or encoding. Then you must convert the video file to a format compatible with your TV.

You may also reset your TV. Depending on the model of TV, resetting means turning it off and disconnecting it from the power source. Now restart your TV after some time.

Still there is no sound, then the issue may be in a component of the TV’s amplifier. There are built-in amplifiers in LED TV’s  speakers. 

This issue is very easy to fix as it needs an expert and qualified specialist to replace the damaged audio chip.

We have a list of expert and knowledgeable technicians tv repair service at home in Bangalore.

3. The image on the screen shows stretched

Sometimes you may notice that the image on your LED TV screen does not seem right. It looks stretched, cropped, or squashed.

The problem is that your LED TV’s picture settings are wrong.

You might be using the wrong picture settings or accidentally switching the settings. 

You can fix this by choosing the options that pertain to Zoom, Stretch or Resolution. Then you have to adjust these settings to get them correct.

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4. LED TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

Issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity are also very common for LED smart TV users.

But don’t need to be worried or alarmed, as a lot of the factors that are responsible  for a lack of connectivity get easily fixed. 

First you need to check where the problem lies. Is it with the TV or the Wi-fi router?

To check whether the TV or Wi-Fi router is at fault, first you should check if other devices can connect to your network.

If you are able to stream other platforms, it means that the issue is most likely with the TV.

Kindly check how many devices are connected to your router. As the typical home Wi-Fi router has a limit to the 

number of devices it can connect with.

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5. Horizontal Lines appearing while starting-up

The issue of lines appearing on the screen is usually related to the set-top boxes.

This happens because many set-top boxes can only churn out a low input signal, while LED TVs need a high input signal to display correctly.

The best way to fix this is to switch to an HD set-top box. 

If the problem still remains. You need to call us. We have a list of expert and knowledgeable technicians for the led tv service center in Bangalore.

6. The screen is too dark

You may notice that your TV is becoming darker than usual, the issue lies with the light sensor, a power-saving feature.

The light sensor adjusts the brightness of the TV screen automatically to make the balance according to the room’s lighting conditions.

Not all the light sensors are equal, as a result some TVs become darker when the light sensor isn’t able to detect lighting correctly.

The best way to resolve this issue is to turn off the light sensor. 

If your TV’s brightness is still low, even after all the adjustments made, it means that your TV’s screen has completed its half-life or it is the end of its lifespan.

If your TV is new and this happens, then you should look for a replacement if your TV is under warranty period. 

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8. Colors have excessive hues

Sometimes you may notice that the screen shows excessive hues of blue or green. You know that the content shouldn’t look like that.

This time you need to calibrate the color of your TV.

Calibrating the TV doesn’t just fix excessive hues; it also makes it get you the best colors out of your TV.

In case you need an LED TV repairing service in Bangalore you may contact us. Prism Lead India recommends you the Best solutions for led tv lcd tv service & repairing in Bangalore.

General Pros and Cons of LED TV repair

  • LED TVs have a better image quality than LCD TVs.
  • LED TVs have better brightness levels than LCD TVs. They use fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the screen. There’s also better contrast on LED TVs.
  • LED TVs consume less power than LCD TVs.
  • You consume up to 50 percent less using an LED TV compared to LCD TVs. 
  • LED TVs have a longer lifespan than LCD or plasma TVs.

Disadvantages of LED TV repair

  • LED TVs are harder to wall-mount due to an additional depth in their dimensions.
  • LED TV’s contrast ratio is not better than plasma TVs.

Final Thoughts

  • These issues are relatively easy to resolve. And in some cases, the problems you may encounter are not with the TV itself, but because of external factors.
  • Knowing how to deal with these issues saves you money and effort and helps you fully utilize the features of your TV.

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